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Aalborg H/HW

Aalborg H/HW boiler is designed for waste heat recovery after gas or diesel engines. Both boilers have a simple and very reliable construction.

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Aalborg H/HW boilers are available with vertical or horizontal layouts. The Aalborg H, which is used for steam generation, has an integrated steam space and employs natural circulation.

The Aalborg HW, which is used in hot water applications, has flow-optimizing baffl e plates and employs forced circulation. Both models have a simple and reliable construction comprised of bare smoke tubes, which are welded to tube plates at both ends of the shell.


  • Engine output:No limits, depending on engine
  • Engine fuel type: Light oil, liquid biofuel, heavy fuel oil, natural gas
  • Exhaust gas inlet temperature:< 530 °C
  • Exhaust gas flow: No limits
  • Typical operating pressure:< 20 bar(g)
  • Steam temperature: Saturated
  • Typical pinch point: > 20 ºC 

How it works

General product information

  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Excellent vibration resistance
  • Stable output due to relatively large water volume
  • Excellent match for HFO heating or applications with low to moderate steam demands
  • Integrated exhaust gas bypass system for capacity modulation
  • Valves and instrumentation with a selectable range of automation
  • Suitability for district heating via hot water




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