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Unique Sampling Valve

Alfa Laval Unique Sampling Valve make it possible to obtain representative samples of food and beverage, personal care and biopharm products. These reliable single- and double-seat valves contribute to quality, and cost-effective sampling.

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High operational reliability

Alfa Laval Unique single-seat and double-seat sampling valves meet the requirements for high quality product extraction in a variety of hygienic processes. Both provide high accuracy, exceptional reproducibility of sampling and excellent reliability.

Enhanced cleanability

All Unique sampling valves feature a valve body made of a single piece of stainless steel, providing smooth, crevice-free surfaces. Because no welding is required, the risk of pore formation and cracking in the welds and subsequent risk of bacterial build-up is eliminated.

Easy to operate and maintain

The customary, ergonomically designed handle provides exceptional control and convenience during operation. Replacing the membrane seal is straightforward; loosening the handle and lifting off the membrane is all that is required.

Unique sampling valve range

The Unique Sampling valve range comprises 4 valve configurations. 


Unique sampling valve - Single seat

The Unique single-seat sampling valves are ideal for use in various applications. This standard valve can easily be upgraded to a Unique double-seat sampling valve with a convenient, easy-to-use upgrade kit.


Single seated pneumatic actuator

The single seated sampling valve with the pneumatic actuator ensures opening and closing of the valve.

With the pneumatic actuator remote sampling is an option and for indication of the valves positioning an indication proximity switch, can be added.


Unique sampling valve - Double seat

Specially engineered, the Unique double-seat sampling valves are an excellent choice for use in applications where a higher cleanability is required. Patented technology ensures sterilization of the valve seat and channels, thus ensuring sampling precision and accuracy and guaranteeing representative sampling.


Double seated pneumatic actuator

The double seated sampling valve with the pneumatic actuator ensures total sterilization of the entire valve seat and channels.

With the pneumatic actuator remote sampling is an option and for indication of the valves positioning an indication proximity switch, can be added.

See “How it works” for more information.  


Alfa Laval provides a three-year warranty for all non-wearing parts,provided genuine parts are used.

Certification, specification and standards

All Unique sampling valves are designed, tested and approved according to EHEDG guidelines and certified to carry the 3-A symbol. All machined components are made of 3.1b certified AISI 316L. For more information, please consult the documentation provided.

  • High quality
  • High operational reliability
  • Easy to operate and maintain

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How it works


Unique sampling valves consist of a valve body, an actuator and membrane seal. The rubber membrane seal is placed on the stem of
the actuator and functions as a stretchable plug. The valve bodies and
actuators are interchangeable.

Product range

Unique sampling valves are available as single- and double-seat
sampling valves with working pressures up to 6 bar and maximum
temperatures of 130 °C.

Valve type


Product type

Max. Particle size



Type 4

Low viscosity

Up to 2,5 mm



Type 10

Medium viscosity

Up to 7 mm



Type 25

High viscosity

 Up to 20 mm

Membrane seals are made of FDA-approved EPDM or silicone. Choice of manual or pneumatic actuators is available. Other options include types of valve bodies, connections, actuators and accessories.

Sampling accessories

Alfa Laval’s has a broad range of high quality sampling accessories to provide the food and beverage, personal care and biopharm industries with comprehensive sampling solutions. Alfa Laval provides accessories for sampling such as non-return valves, quick couplings, pressure relief valve for steam sterilization and the Alfa Laval Steam generator making it possible to steam sterilize in locations without permanent steam supply. 
For further information on the accessories please see the PD sheets for non return valve, quick connection, pressure relief valve and steam generator.

Operating principles

Unique single-seat sampling valves

Designed for standard hygienic sampling, the single-seat sampling
valve has two positions: open and closed. It can easily be upgraded to a
double-seat valve by replacing the handle or actuator with an upgrade

Open position for sampling: To begin the sampling process, rotate the
handle in a counter-clockwise direction to open the valve, if using an
manual valve. If using a actuator, open the valve by activating the actuator. This retracts the valve stem and the membrane and enables the product to flow freely through the open valve.

Closed position for sterilization: To stop the sampling process, rotate
the handle in a clockwise direction to close the valve, if using a manual
valve or shut the air connection, if using a pneumatic actuator.
This shuts off the flow and makes the channel in between the connecting hoses available for sterilization. If steam is used for Sterilization-in-Place, Alfa Laval recommends the use of an optional pressure relief valve on the outlet.

A new level of accuracy with patented new technology

The design of single-seat technology poses challenges for complete
sterilization. In closed position, the membrane seal comes into contact
with the valve seat. These points of contact are virtually impossible to
clean due to tight surface compression and may therefore accumulate 
product residue and microorganisms. For that extra level of security to
ensure a more representative sample, Alfa Laval recommends double seat technology.

Unique double-seat sampling valves

Designed for truly sterile sampling, the double-seat sampling valve has three positions: open, closed and sterilization.

Open position:

To begin the sampling process, 
Manual valve: rotate the handle in a counter-clockwise direction to open the valve.
Pneumatic valve: supply air to the open connection. 
This retracts the valve stem and membrane seal and enables the product to flow freely through the open valve. 

Closed position:

To stop the sampling process:
Manual valve: Rotate the handle in a clockwise direction.
Pneumatic valve: Shut off the supplied air to the open connection. 

Sterilization position:

To set the valve in sterilization position, 
Manual valve: rotate the handle clockwise to the steam position.
Pneumatic valve: apply air to the steam connection.
This extends the valve heads inner spindle into the inner seat and stop product flow in the valve port. At the same time the valve heads outer spindle retracts and lifts the membrane seal away from its normal seat. Now it is possible to access the hard-to-reach areas on the seat surface, ensuring thorough sterilization and making the Unique double-seat sampling valve a solid and reliable choice to achieve 100% representative sampling.


Download the product models in Neutral or Native CAD file formats. It is also possible to download 3D PDF files.

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