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SB Membrane Sample Valve

The Alfa Laval SB Membrane Sample Valve provides a compact and cost-effective way to obtain bulk or aseptic samples of brewery, food, dairy and beverage products, including highly viscous products, such as harvest yeast.

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High sampling reliability

The valve meets the requirements for high-quality product extraction in various hygienic processes with minimal risk of contamination. High accuracy, exceptional repeatability and excellent reliability are hallmarks of the valve.

Versatile hygienic design

Made of a single piece of stainless steel, valve body features smooth, crevice-free surfaces. Because no welding is required, the risk of pore formation and cracking in the welds and subsequent risk of bacterial build-up is eliminated. This highly versatile hygienic valve is available in several different designs to ensure sample reliability and safety for a broad range of applications.

Enhanced valve cleanability

Designed to help ensure effective sterilization before and after each sample, these valves are sterilized in place with alcohol or steam. This helps ensure a truly representative sample every time.

  • Low upfront investment costs
  • Superior hygiene
  • Compact size

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How it works


The valve consists of a valve body, actuator and membrane seal, which is placed on the stem of the actuator and works as a stretchable plug. The valve is available in three different actuator designs:

  • Manual - For manual activation
  • Manual + Micro Port - For manual activation or sampling using a hypodermic needle to penetrate the membrane for sample taking.
  • Manual + Pneumatic - For manual or pneumatic activation when the valve is connected to pipes for automatic sampling. The valve is then supplied with pipe outlet connections.

Operating principle

To take a sample, rotate the handle in a clockwise direction to open the valve. This retracts the membrane allowing the liquid to pass through the valve into the sample container. To close the valve for sterilization before and after taking each sample, rotate the handle in a counter-clockwise direction to channel between the valve ports is open for sterilization.

 Function and cleaning

1     Alcohol sealed valve

2     Alcohol is drained and the valve can be steam sterilized

3     Sample is taken

4     Valve is flushed with water/alcohol

5     Valve is sealed with alcohol


Type W - Harvest Yeast Sample Valve

 The valve is available in three different mounting designs:

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