Vortex Shear-Mixer

Advanced Venturi eductor for high rate solid-liquid mixing

The Alfa Laval Vortex Shear-Mixer is a unique high-performance Venturi eductor designed for demanding slurry mixing applications. These include oil and gas drilling fluid mixing, construction material production, chemical production, mining, sugar solution mixing, brine mixing, cosmetics, paint pigment mixing, metal processing, plastic production, and more.

Simple, effective mixing solution

  • Robust design, no moving parts and easy to replace inserts
  • Superior additive loading rates for solids, liquids and gas
  • Dynamically shears additives into fluid
  • Handles hard-to-mix additives such as clays, polymers and guar
  • Prevents clumps, fish eyes, and microgels

The Alfa Laval Vortex Shear-Mixer has no motorized or rotating components. It relies on vacuum and dynamic shear generated by its unique nozzle to rapidly introduce and mix additives into fluids. With its higher loading rates and advanced mixing, it outperforms traditional Venturi eductors and is highly resistant to plugging and downtime.

How it works


Working principle of the shear-mixer

Fluid is pumped at a high rate into the inlet of the Alfa Laval Vortex Shear-Mixer where pressure builds behind the Lobestar Mixing Nozzle®. The fluid’s velocity spikes as it passes through the nozzle, and the resulting pressure drop creates a near perfect vacuum for optimum additive loading. The Lobestar Mixing Nozzle® produces a unique jet stream that has a dual impact.

First, it dynamically shears the fluid to ensure rapid hydration and uniform dispersion of the additives. Secondly, it promotes a highly energized fluid boundary layer, which when combined with the effect of the Shear-Mixer's specialized Venturi/diffuser tube, minimizes the impact of pressure loss in the downstream piping and increases the distance and elevation at which the mixed slurry can be delivered and discharged. Generally, the Shear-Mixer can be utilized in any application where the motive fluid can be handled by a centrifugal pump.

Basic equipment

The Alfa Laval Vortex Shear-Mixer consists of a single or dual suction port Lobestar mixing eductor with a radial pre-mixer.

The basic configuration includes a heavy duty, stainless steel, parabolic, table top hopper with support legs. The entire assembly is mounted on a skid base for easy transport and placement, and the standard inlet and discharge connections are grooved end piping with grooved style couplings.


Branded features


Accelerated mixing with dynamic shearing

Unique nozzle design creates high vacuum, dynamic shearing and reduces plugging.


Minimized air entrainment

Vortex action creates a liquid buffer, inhibiting air entrainment.


Swirling mixing effect reduces clumps

Vortex action washes down and pre-mixes product.


Maximized mixture and flow-through rates

Open mixing chamber significantly reduces clogging.

Learn more

You can read more about the efficiency, practicality and technical details of the Alfa Laval Vortex Shear-Mixer by downloading the product leaflet.


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