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Vortex CAS

A safe and accurate way to add chemicals into the mud mixing process.

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The Chemical Additive System (CAS) provides a safe and accurate way to add chemicals into the mud mixing process.  Chemicals can be dispensed using multiple sources simultaneously or individually.

Flow measurement and flow rate are controlled with an automated system for ease of operation while maintaining historical delivery data.  The CAS can be equipped with an output signal to a remote PLC, or other types of management control systems.

All CAS configurations are built to withstand rugged oilfield environments, both on land and offshore.

  • Batch controller allows you to set dosing amounts individually and records total to maintain history.
  • Automated valve controls provide ease of valve operation during dosing
  • Accurate measurement of chemical dosage facilitated by flow metering
  • Flexibility to configure to suit all dosing applications
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