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Agitators and mixers

Learn more about the Alfa Laval agitators and mixer - watch the animations!

On this page you will find animation on the following products:

  • Alfa Laval agitators
  • Alfa Laval Magnetic Mixer
  • Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Mixer

Alfa Laval Agitators
Modular range of hygienic agitators with unique energy-saving impeller design for optimal low-shear mixing of high-viscosity fluids with fibrous or abrasive ingredients.
Alfa Laval Agitators  

Alfa Laval Magnetic Mixer MM UltraPure
Part of the UltraPure range, the magnetic mixer has a levitating impeller that eliminates friction (particle generation) and maximizes cleanability. Ideal for biopharm, personal care and other demanding applications.                                                 Alfa Laval Magnetic Mixer MM UltraPure

Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Mixer
Alfa Laval magnetic mixers maximize product yield in biotech, pharmaceutical and other aseptic applications with high hygienic demands. The unique levitating impeller design enables effective mixing right down to the last drop. 
Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Mixer