To monitor and control an efficient flow system, Alfa Laval offers a full range of accurate valve automation solutions. Our automation systems provide reliable status feedback at all times, and are easy to both set-up and operate. Our control units provide exceptional surveillance and control of the fluid handling process. The control units have well-proven features designed to ensure maximum safety during production, regardless of conditions.


Better brewing – proven benefits

Alfa Laval is committed to providing you an opportunity to reduce your operational costs while improving environmental performance.


In the brewing industry?

we don’t offer any one-size-fits-all, out-of-the-box solutions. Before making any suggestions we always listen carefully to your requirements, goals and ambitions. We would gladly discuss the possibilities in your brewery and speak to you in person.


Non-alcoholic brewing – new technologies and big opportunities

All-in-one De-alcoholization module makes it easy to simply add non-alcoholic brewing to any existing production facility.


Why settle for less?

Boost productivity and reduce losses with compact, ready-to-use BREW separation modules.


The brewery yield challenge: Making the most of hops, cleaning and wort recovery

New solutions that optimize dry hopping


Revolutionary dry-hopping techniques featured in MBAA's journal

Alfa Laval's Externally Driven Rotary Jet Mixer is featured in Master Brewers Association of the Americas' Technical Quarterly.

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