Service Tools for Separators

The performance of your Alfa Laval separator depends on proper maintenance, cleaning and inspection. By having the correct tools for the job, you avoid costly risks that range from extended service downtime to equipment damage – as well as potential safety issues for your crew.

What we do

Alfa Laval offers service tools that have been specifically optimized for Alfa Laval equipment. Use of these tools ensures that scheduled maintenance is performed correctly, efficiently and in the safest possible manner. This in turn will maximize the lifetime of your separator.

Many maintenance activities cannot be performed without the right service tools. Alfa Laval specialists can provide you with all the tools you need, and comprehensive service that includes the use of these tools is also available as part of an Alfa Laval Performance Agreement.

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  • Decrease service time through easy and fast removal and handling
  • Increase uptime
  • Ensure safety
  • Secure service quality
  • Maintain equipment performance
  • Safeguard the crew against unnecessary risks

Scope of supply

Specially developed Alfa Laval service tools for rotating separation equipment include:

  • Lock ring spanner (small and large)
  • Disc stack lifting tool
  • Height adjustment tool
  • Bearing puller tool
  • Bowl lifting tool
  • Bowl turning tool
  • Compression tool


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