Tank optimization

Rotary jet mixers

Iso-Mix rotary jet mixers are based on a revolutionary patented technology that mixes liquids faster and more effectively than conventional methods, while minimizing energy consumption. It also handles gas and powder dispersion, and can even be used to clean the tank. There are many possible applications, with principle industries including brewing, soft drink production and biopharm.

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Agitators, rotary jet mixers or magnetic mixers

Unlimited mixing possibilities

Rotary jet mixing is versatile enough to be applied in virtually any industry. It is particularly suited to sanitary applications due to its hygienic design, but new, creative uses are constantly being discovered.

Multiple tank processes with rotary jet mixing

One of the key benefits of rotary jet mixing is that one tank can be used for a variety of processes normally carried out in separate process units, such as water de-aeration, syrup/aroma mixing, carbonation and CIP. This can save significant investment costs, as well as minimizing the plant footprint.

Return on investment

Rotary jet mixers yield fast returns, as has been demonstrated in hundreds of installations. Breweries have been able to shorten beer fermentation time by 30%, directly increasing profits. And in soft drink production, the use of rotary jet mixers can reduce investment costs by more than 50%.

Brewery: faster fermentation

Both Carlsberg and Royal Unibrew, the two biggest Danish brewers, put the technology through rigorous full-scale tank testing, concluding that it offered significant process advantages for beer production. Fermentation capacity at Carlsberg’s Fredericia brewery and Royal Unibrew's brewery in Faxe was increased considerably due to shortened fermentation and cooling times. Additional benefits included more consistent beer quality and better utilization of fermentable extract.

Vegetable oil: longer shelf life

Rotary jet mixing has also proved extremely effective in deoxygenating cold-pressed vegetable oils such as olive oil and rapeseed oil. This significantly reduces oxidative deterioration, resulting in a shelf life up to one year longer.

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