Tank optimization

Product overview

With a full spectrum of mixing solutions Alfa Laval can help you find the right technology to mach your application and goals. With agitators, magnetic mixers and rotary jet mixers in the portfolio we can match any need within food and beverage, dairy, brewery, biopharm and personal care processing.



Modularized agitators that are ideal for many applications, including those that involve high-viscosity media or ingredients which are fibrous or abrasive. Our EnSaFoil impellers can reduce energy consumption by 80%.



Rotary jet mixer 

Driven by a pump, the rotary jet mixer injects fluid, gas or powder through rotating nozzles beneath the liquid surface. The high-intensity of the mixing results in rapid paybacks in applications such as brewing, soft drink manufacturing and edible oil production.


Magnetic mixer 

The impeller of Alfa Laval’s magnetic mixers levities on a magnetic field, which eliminates friction (particle generation) and maximizes cleanability. This makes it a perfect match for biopharm, personal care and similar demanding applications.