Breakthrough in European steel pickling

Alfa Laval has installed 13 steam-heated Alfa Laval DIABON® NS1graphite plate heat exchangers in the tandem cold rolling mill ofThyssenKrupp Stahl AG in Dortmund, Germany.

DATE 2023-11-28

In 2002, the company undertook a survey of the performance of the conventional graphite blocks previously used at the rolling mill in Dortmund, compared with the graphite plate heat exchangers available from Alfa Laval.

After an initial test period of 3 months, the graphite plate heat exchangers were cleaned and could be restarted after only 8 hours. Comparable maintenance and cleaning times for the block heat exchangers, on the other hand, took at least twice as long.


When corrosion is an issue use the DIABON® range of plate heat exchangers. Indestructible even for the toughest media.

 Diabon graphite plate heat exchangers 



  • excellent heat transfer performance
  • compact construction - only limited space required
  • quick and easy to replace - minimum downtime
  • short maintenance/cleaning times - approx. 8 hours
  • rapid on-site repair
  • size (number of plates) can be adjusted on site
  • all parts available from stock
  • replacement heat exchangers deliverable within a few weeks
  • corrosion-resistant carrying bars
  • easy to clean the plates using high-pressure water jet
  • automatic cleaning in place (CIP) - manual cleaning of plates unnecessary