Anshan Iron and Steel pick up speed

The Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation produce over 30 million tons of iron and steel every year, making them leaders in their industry in China – a role they see as a serious responsibility.

DATE 2023-11-28

Anshan Iron and Steel already had around 20 Alfa Laval decanters to handle tasks in various stages of dust and sludge removal at their steel work.

However, the Coke Oven Gas (COG) plant – which is divided into four production lines and annually produces more than 7 million tons of coke – did not yet have any decanters. It needed an upgrade.



The STNX range of high-performance decanter centrifuges provides the starch industry with the most cost-effective separation solution available, with the lowest power consumption and life cycle costs as well as the most advanced technology.

 Decanter centrifuges


  • The Alfa Laval decanter centrifuges now reduce the water content from 6 to 2 percent making the process
  • More cost-efficient
  • Higher product output
  • More environmentally friendly

Customer's voice

The Alfa Laval decanter allows us to produce tar with lower water content than before. So, we get higher product output per time/unit and at the end of the day, we get paid more for the product.

Mr. Zhang
Technical process manager