AlfaVap ensures high product quality and saves energy at Thai Glucose Co. in Thailand

For Thai Glucose Co., located near Bangkok, the installation of a 2-effect AlfaVap evaporation system resulted in reduced energy costs, increased capacity and high product quality.

DATE 2023-11-28

In 2002, Alfa Laval installed a 2-effect AlfaVap plate evaporator system for dextrose and maltose concentration at Thai Glucose Co. Ltd. The same customer later decided to invest in another AlfaVap system, with 3 effects, for fructose. Thai Glucose confirms that the AlfaVap gives high product quality while reducing energy costs and occupying much less space in the plant than other types of evaporator.

Established in 1987, Thai Glucose is continuously working to improve its production processes. Installing AlfaVap evaporators is part of this strategy.


The AlfaVap is a plate heat exchanger tailor made for evapo- ration. The unique design provides much higher thermal efficiency than traditional shell-and-tube evaporators. Much less heat transfer area is required, which means AlfaVap units are more compact and versatile, thus saving costs in transportation, erection and installation. Its plate construction ensure easy and efficient cleaning, prevention of fouling and easy adjustment of capacity simply by adding or removing plates to the existing frame.

 AlfaVap rising-film plate evaporator 


  • AlfaVap plate evaporators maintain a high thermal efficiency, even when dealing with viscous liquids. The temperatures can therefore be very low, resulting in a higher quality product.
  • Pre-heating with plate heat exchangers contributes to considerable additional steam savings.
  • Compact design saving space

Customer's voice

After we bought the first AlfaVap system, we were satisfied with the professional service we received from Alfa Laval. This is very important in our business.

Pornlert Thamkongka, President and owner of Thai Glucose Co.