Alfa Laval Service Agreement supports protection of valuable microbial cell pellets

Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd., a leading pharmaceutical company in India, signed an Alfa Laval Service Agreement to ensure the performance of its Alfa Laval MBPX high speed separators. The agreement enhances uptime through faster, more efficient, density-based cell separation from the culture media. It also safeguards the quality of microbial cell pellets and harvested mammalian cells. Protecting valuable end product enables the delivery of life-saving medicines to healthcare providers and patients who need them most.

DATE 2023-11-28

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Gaining a competitive edge

Intas turned to Alfa Laval as a trusted partner to ensure long-term preventive maintenance and maximum availability of its MBPX separators. Timely service, training, and remote and onsite technical assistance translates into longer equipment life and safeguarding high-value products.

“The dedicated Alfa Laval service managers, field engineers and process experts use their know-how to give our company a competitive advantage,” says Mr. Daivesh Shah, Senior Manager, Biopharmaceutical Bulk Manufacturing, Intas.

Optimizing equipment availability through streamlined parts inventory management

Inventory optimization minimizes storage costs, promotes timely parts replacement, and minimizes downtime. Alfa Laval ensures on-time delivery of major and intermediate service kits throughout the year. All replacement parts are fully traceable and meet current Good Manufacturing Practices. Easy access to longlasting, compliant genuine parts keeps production on schedule, saves time since the parts do not require revalidation, and extends equipment lifecycle.

More uptime through a long-standing partnership

Intas and Alfa Laval share a deep commitment to producing life-saving medicines for people facing a broad range of health issues.

“We set increasingly ambitious development and production goals to make essential medicines like cancer treatment more accessible to all,” says Mr. Bhushan Borase, Assistant General Manager, Biopharmaceutical Bulk Manufacturing, Intas. “Upholding the service agreement is Alfa Laval’s pledge to continue to support us in achieving these ambitions.”

Avoiding production loss

Renewing the Alfa Laval service agreement every year is business-critical. Intas then has the expertise to keep the machine in good operating condition, fast access to a qualified, knowledgeable service engineer, and timely onsite and remote support from the service team.

“Keeping the equipment at Intas Pharmaceuticals in top operating condition to prevent any production losses has always been our priority,” says Ranjit Pradhan, Specialist Field Service Engineer & Intas Pharma Service Agreement Primary Owner, Alfa Laval India. “We have accomplished this through remote and on-the-ground support since 2016.”

Supporting long-term cell culture-based production

Since the 1980s, Alfa Laval has worked with industry leaders to develop large-scale cell culture fermentation, harvesting and purification. The Intas service agreement is an extension of Alfa Laval’s commitment to leverage the power of the very high G-forces and the gentle cell culture handling that the MBPX separators provide in the cell-harvesting process.


Service agreements

Alfa Laval Service Agreements are tailor-made service solutions that combine any of our services, based on your specific needs. To maximize your performance and reduce your operating costs, these agreements bring you peace of mind by minimizing the risk of unexpected breakdowns. They also give you full control over your maintenance budget.

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