Blazing a future-proof process path

Aptuit Laurus Pvt Limited, a joint venture between US-based Aptuit Inc. and India-based Laurus Labs Ltd., is a contract drug development company that a few years ago began construction of a large-scale plant for the manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), among other drug development activities, in India.

DATE 2023-11-28

The parent companies have invested in the most modern, state-of-the-art equipment, including more than hundred Alfa Laval spiral condensers, to provide cost-effective solutions and exceptional service standards to its 600 pharma clients around the globe.

"When we compared Alfa Laval spiral condensers with other available options we realized that these had a much better overall heat transfer coefficient," says Girish Kottapalli, General manager at Aptuit Laurus. "Because the spiral condensers were compact, it would not only reduce 10 to 15 % in civil engineering costs but also save installation time."

Another important criteria was utilizing equipment that was flexible and capable of serving as a basis for future expansions as the factory increases its capacity. The spiral technology drastically reduces the time needed for shifting and relocating condensers because they do not a require a heavy structure and can be moved and placed easily. In the period the spiral condensers have been operating, the Aptuit engineers found the solvent recovery is more than 95 %, significantly higher than the traditional S&T condenser recovery of 60 to 70 %.


Alfa Laval provides a comprehensive range of spiral heat exchangers that provide ideal heat transfer and fluid handling characteristics for a wide range of industrial and environmental applications. 

 Spiral heat exchangers 

Customer's voice

Alfa Laval’s compact equipment, proven technology and supportive and approachable team of service engineers were highly supportive of Aptuit’s vision.

Girish Kottapalli,
General manager