Alfa Laval helps Arkema cool things down

When Arkema, a leading European producer of chlorochemicals and PVC, had to replace waste-water cooling plate heat exchangers at a plant in France, they saw it as an opportunity. A chance to find a solution that was more robust and cost-efficient.

DATE 2023-11-28

Alfa Laval showed them how the welded Compabloc heat exchanger would do the job better, and they were convinced. Now,two trouble-free years later, they still agree.

One compact Compabloc heat exchanger was custom-designed for Arkema replacing two existing units. After two years, there hasn’t been a need to clean the plates, and it’s been completely trouble-free.



The Compabloc welded heat exchanger is probably the most compact and efficient heavy-duty heat exchanger in the world.



  • Less resources spent, both in terms of time and costs
  • Easy to access the plates for cleaning and service
  • No gaskets to replace as with the plant’s previous heat exchangers

Customer's voice

As it turned out, it was less expensive to install a new Compabloc heat exchanger than it would have been to clean the old ones. Also, the new heat exchanger was made of titanium, which was what we wanted in order to reduce corrosion.

Emmanuel Corrado, production manager at Arkema’s VCM plant