Safety and savings go hand-in-hand at ITC paperboard plant in India

India's ITC Ltd. is a company with a conscience. It is directly involved in education, community development and environmental protection. And it takes the safety of its employees extremely seriously. In 2007, to protect employees from exposure to harmful gases during manual tank cleaning, ITC installed the first of over 50 of Toftejorg rotary jet heads in its paperboard plant in Sarapaka, Andhra Pradesh.

DATE 2023-11-28

From 2 to 50+ – because they work

In 2007, when ITC began looking for a better way to clean their many tanks, automatic cleaning was almost unheard of in the pulp and paper industry. But the company did have a long-standing relationship with Alfa Laval, which had supplied them with evaporation plants, heat exchangers and other equipment.

Less water = less energy

= lower costs and emissions Cleaning with Alfa Laval’s Toftejorg rotary jet heads also cuts water consumption by as much as 1/3, which sets off a chain reaction of additional benefits. Because the cleaning process requires much less water, the pumps that feed the rotary jet heads operate for shorter periods. This in turn means that less energy is needed to run those pumps. Significant cost savings and slashed emissions are the result.


  • Continuous operation, minimum or no downtime
  • Higher production capacity
  • Consumption of water and detergents reduced by 75%
  • Lower environmental impact: Equipment uses less energy and generates smaller volumes of waste
  • ATEX Certification


 Alfa Laval Rotary Jet heads


  • Safer working conditions
  • Zero manpower
  • 1/4 the downtime
  • 1/3 the water consumption
  • Less energy use and lower emissions
  • Cleaner tanks and higher quality products

Customer's voice

Our number one concern was the safety of our people. Savings on manpower, downtime, water consumption and energy were welcome extra advantages.

Mr. SVR Krishnan,

deputy general manager, PBU board

Company challenge

To stop exposing employees to potentially harmful gases during manual cleaning of the many tanks used in their production process.


Alfa Laval’s Toftejorg rotary jet heads provide measurable savings by cutting energy, chemicals, water consumption, downtime and manpower for virtually any tank size and configuration. They use an optimized jet impact pattern to ensure high cleaning efficiency at significantly reduced cycle times.

The high-impact dense spray pattern removes any residue after the production cycle more quickly and effectively than the much more expensive and time-consuming cleaning methods of soaking in chemicals or manual cleaning.