11 years of non-stop AlfaVap reboiler performance

The Marconnelle distillery is part of the Marquenterre group of sugar refineries in France, and produces 300,000 hl of ethanol from beet juice annually. This takes place during the sugar campaign, which lasts 90 days. The distillery also produces ethanol from molasses during the off season.

DATE 2023-11-28

Distillery, France

The distillery was built on the Marconnelle premises in 1993, adjacent to the existing sugar plant. Following the recommendations of the technical manager, Mr Foulon, the company decided to use Alfa Laval technology for its reboilers, heat exchangers, condensers and evaporators.

Three AlfaVap cassette reboilers were installed for the wash column, the rectifying column and the methanol stripper, respectively, all working in thermosyphon mode without any need for recirculation pumps. Due to the compact design and light weight of the AlfaVap units, installation costs were kept to a minimum.




AlfaVap reboiler
 works magic on any company's evaporation and condensation costs. AlfaVap units take up much less expensive space, thus greatly reducing the investment cost.

 AlfaVap plate reboilers 


  • Save money
  • Easier installation
  • Lower temperature difference possible
  • Easy to increase capacity
  • Easy maintenance

Customer's voice

The performance of these reboilers goes far beyond our expectations, and the coefficient values are twice those we can obtain using shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

Mr Foulon
Technical Manager