Fenland Glasshouse, a greenhouse heated by Industrial Heat pumps

AGR Renewables Ltd, being a specialist in supplying sustainable and renewable solutions developed the 20 Ha sustainable greenhouse complex powered through a combination of industrial heat pumps and CHP (Combined Heat & Power) gas engines. The project was initiated in 2021 as a standalone greenfield development and finished in 2022. Alfa Laval supplied all semi-welded plate heat exchangers for the ammonia industrial heat pumps delivered by IESenergy ApS.

DATE 2024-07-09

The energy centre

The adjacent 60 MW energy centre was installed by Clarke Energy. The energy centre contains the 33 MWth heat pump system and 9 MW of CHP plant and backup boiler system. The CHP plant is providing electrical power, which is to be used to power the glasshouse, the LED grow lights and various site auxiliaries.

The heat pumps

The heat pumps from IES Energy Aps are recovering heat from the irrigation water collected in the large ponds. The heat pump installation consists of four ammonia* heat pumps installed in parallel, totally delivering the 33 MW of thermal heating. This installation providing the hot water for heating of the glasshouse qualified for the UK Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

The Alfa Laval supply

Alfa Laval supplied all the key heat exchangers of the heat pumps, mainly the 14 semi-welded plate heat exchangers of T20BW-type as condensers and evaporators.

*Ammonia is a very efficient natural refrigerant with zero global warming potential and no long-term environmental effects. The heat pumps with modern plate heat exchangers helps safeguard both efficiency and a low volume fill of ammonia.

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Ammonia heat pumps Fenland

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