Rotary jet head tank cleaning machine retrofit boosts yield and environmental profile

The Thai subsidiary of a global food and beverage manufacturer wanted to improve tank cleaning operations at its factory located about 30 kilometers outside of Bangkok. The manufacturer turned to Alfa Laval and Tetra Pak to retrofit existing tanks with rotary jet head tank cleaning machines. Improving tank cleaning operations translates into higher standards of food hygiene and safety, better water management as well as more uptime and higher yield.

DATE 2023-11-28
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Tank cleaning can result in high water consumption especially in food & beverage systems, where the nature of product demands frequent, thorough tank cleaning. Improving tank cleaning operations translates into higher standards of food hygiene and safety, better water management, increased uptime and higher yield. 

For one customer, a Thai subsidiary of a global food & beverage manufacturer, improving tank cleaning is directly aligned with their commitment to enhancing quality of life, contributing to a healthier future and striving for zero environmental impact in their operations.  

Committed to operate more efficiently, the manufacturer worked closely with long-term partners Alfa Laval and food processing and packaging solutions company Tetra Pak to find the right solution to optimize tank cleaning at the plant.

Successful trial led to new rotary jet heads 

Following discussions, the customer agreed to test the performance of an Alfa Laval rotary jet head in one of its tough-to-clean tanks.

The test was conducted on three separate occasions and all three tests showed positive results with higher tank cleaning efficiency than the traditional static spray balls installed throughout the plant.

Compared to the plant’s existing 30-minute cleaning cycles with traditional static spray balls, the efficient 15-minute trial cleaning cycle during the test convinced the manufacturer to retrofit the Alfa Laval rotary jet heads in eight tanks almost right away.

Retrofitting meant easier installation; the tanks only required minor modifications to the traditional static spray openings in the tanks and the installation of flexible hoses, resulting in lesser down time. 

Higher cleaning efficiency

Switching from traditional static spray balls to Alfa Laval rotary jet head tank cleaning machines helped contribute to significant cost savings in terms of conserving energy and water as well as reduced use of cleaning agents and less waste treatment. This
is in line with the food and beverage manufacturer’s strategy to improve sustainability across its global operations towards zero environmental impact.

Retrofitting our tanks with Alfa Laval rotary jet heads helps ensure food hygiene and safety while saving water, time and money.
- Process engineer at the global food and beverage manufacturer

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