Pelagia takes help from Alfa Laval to deliver the best fish products possible

Pelagia is a world-leading producer of pelagic fish products. The company’s objective is to use 100% of the fish for human consumption and deliver the best fish oil and fish meal possible. The seasons are short, and it’s important that production runs smoothly. With Alfa Laval taking the overall equipment responsibility, Pelagia is able to deliver on its promise.

DATE 2023-11-28

Customer’s voice

Pelagia, Norway

“Our goal is for the fish to be delivered with the highest quality to the dock by the fisherman and then be handled with the same high quality through all the process steps to the end customer.”
“At this factory, Alfa Laval has had the main responsibility for all equipment from our raw material tanks to the dryer.”
“The cooperation with Alfa Laval has been great from day one.”
“Alfa Laval has been a very good project manager throughout our project execution. Of course, some problems have arisen, as they do in all projects, but Alfa Laval has supported and helped us solve them through the entire process.”

–Arnt-Ove Blytt-Tosdal Kolås, CTO Pelagia


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