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Air coolers preserve sensitive produce

Sociedad Agricola Saturno S.A. (SAGSA) expanded and modernized its processing and storage facility and selected Alfa Laval Helpman air coolers as standard equipment for temperature control. The air coolers were recommended by system builder QF S.A.C. (Chile), a company which has had favourable experience with the air coolers in terms of performance and reliability.

DATE 2017-07-13

To ensure high quality produce, accurate and uniform temperature control is essential. The temperatures for freezing and storage vary according to the product. Avocado requires +8°C, grapes -1,5°C and mangos 12°C. SAGSA invested in Alfa Laval Helpman air coolers. They are installed for a range of cooling duties in freezing tunnels, cold storage rooms, reception, processing and washing areas.

José Orego, responsible for air heat exchangers at Alfa Laval Peru: "The flexibility of this model makes it ideal for the freezing tunnels at SAGSA. The option of fan speed control by EC technology ensures that the produce is kept at the correct temperature in an energy efficient way." SAGSA say they are very satisfied with the equipment. It gives them trouble-free operation and keeps the fruit in prime condition."