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Energy saving agitators

MAJOR DAIRY, DENMARK. A study was made of energy consumption for agitators in 25 storage and concentrate tanks. Direct drive agitators were compared with Alfa Laval’s energy saving agitators featuring the EnSaFoil impeller. Potential savings in electrical power amounted to €21,350 per year, giving a payback time of just 8.2 months. Specially designed for extra-low energy consum-tion. Alfa Laval agitators can reduce energy costs for agitation by up to 80%.

DATE 2017-07-12

ALS side-mounted agitators

Alfa Laval ALS agitators are side-mounted units widely used in storage tanks and silos. They are normally used for low-viscosity products and for keeping the product inside the tank homogeneous. These units are notable for being a cost-effective design that is easy to install and has exceptionally low maintenance and operating costs.

Designed for effect

Alfa Laval agitators are designed to provide maximum mixing effect with a minimum of energy input. To achieve this, Alfa Laval experts use many different computerized analysis methods and design systems. These include FEM (Finite Element Method) calculation software, the SALS design system and advanced 3D CAD systems. Cost reductions all round Alfa Laval agitators are specially designed for extra-low energy consumption. This enables you to reduce your energy costs for agitation by as much as 80%.

Other benefits include low maintenance costs due to a very long seal service life, and greater productivity because of reduced downtime. You can also replace the seals from outside the tank, with no need to enter and dismantle anything inside the tank.

Alfa Laval ALS agitators are side-mounted units widely used in storage tanks and silos.

Alfa Laval ALS agitators