Moscow food markets come in from the cold

Moscow's traditional open markets have long been plagued by dubious food hygiene standards, dishonest traders and petty criminals. Now, the massive Food City complex is making food shopping in the Russian capital civilized again.

DATE 2018-11-02

Food shopping at Moscow’s traditional food markets could be a risky business. Indeed, the city’s mayor was so horrified by the activities taking place among the stalls that he pledged to put an end to what he described as the ‘outrages’ there. But Moscow Food City, which opened in 2014, has been hailed by wholesalers, traders and shoppers for providing a venue that is hygienic, safe and convenient

The largest wholesale food distribution centre of its kind in Russia, its concept incorporates the best international practices of Rungis market in Paris, Mercado San Miguel in Madrid and Berliner Grossmarkt in Berlin.

Food City provides supermarkets, restaurants and consumers with about 30,000 tonnes of high-quality produce at affordable prices each day via about 3,000 vendors.


FACTS - Alfa Laval’s Russian evolution

  • With million dollars’ worth of international and domestic meat, fish, fruit and vegetables at stake daily at Food City, the Moscow wholesale outlet depends on 700 condensers and unit coolers supplied by Alfa Laval to keep its produce fresh.
  • Food City chose Alfa Laval because of the reliability of its cooling equipment, as well as its cost effectiveness and execution.
  • Alfa Laval is set to supply the equipment for the second agro-cluster being created outside of Moscow.
  • Alfa Laval has partnered successfully for a decade with its Russian distributor Morena, which deals directly with Food City.
  • Alfa Laval is one of the oldest foreign companies still operational in Russia, having opened its first office in St Petersburg in 1903.

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PRODUCT - Alfa Laval AlfaBlue Junior AG

AlfaBlue Junior AGBenefits:

  • Reduced refrigerant charge
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy installation & maintenance

Alfa Laval AlfaBlue Junior AG

FACTS - It's all about balance

  • Cooling food is not just about temperature, but rather the right combination of temperature and humidity.
  • Different kinds of fresh produce require a different mix of these two variables, so reliable performance of both coolers and condensers is necessary for maintaining food quality.
  • Also, when fruit and vegetables start to dry out, their weight drops – as does profit for the trader.

  • The AlfaBlue Junior commercial condenser system used in Food City is an outdoor mounted system and is geared for use in low-airflow operations.
  • Specifically, these may be applied in air conditioning units, as well as in commercial refrigeration. The condensers use high-quality fan motors that reduce power consumption while maintaining noiseless performance.
  • The Optigo CC is a commercial unit cooler for small to medium-sized cooling and freezer rooms. A wide range of the single discharge models make them especially suitable for refrigerated working, processing and storage rooms. One to four fans are fitted with AC or EC fan motors and are available in two fan speeds.
Traffic jams, along with pollution and noise, can be chronic in Moscow and the agro-clusters take the pressure off the city centre by centralizing the delivery and distribution of fresh produce.”
I worked at Slavyanskiy Mir market, 15kms away from here, and it was a little dangerous due to a criminal element. This is much quieter, more civilized and we have a good flow of wholesale and retail customers keen to buy our fruit.”