Compact AlfaCond saves steam and slashes maintenance costs

Sappi Maastricht paper mill, the Netherlands, needed to replace their shell and tube heat exchanger which was frequently leaking. In addition it was difficult to access and expensive to maintain. AlfaCond solved the problems.

DATE 2017-07-12

Leading paper producer Sappi Limited, Maastricht, the Netherlands, contacted Alfa Laval because a shell-and-tube condenser in the drying section needed to be replaced. It was leaking frequently, and every leak meant blocked off tubes, reduced area, loss of vacuum and condensate literally going down the drain rather than being used to generate steam for the paper mill’s drying process.  

Sappi was also looking for a compact solution. The old S&T was extremely difficult to access for cleaning and service. They wanted to place the new heat exchanger on the 6-meter floor for easier maintenance.
The Alfa Laval AlfaCond solved the problems. "AlfaCond was a perfect choice because it offers a pressure drop that is equal to that of a S&T heat exchanger at a fraction of the size and weight," says Ron Faber, sales engineer, Alfa Laval.

The AlfaCond is also extremely economical to maintain. The design and placement ensures that heat transfer surfaces are easy to access for inspection and mechanical cleaning. And service can be carried out in place without the need to dismantle the system.


Condensing plays an important part in process industries of virtually all kinds, including (energy), chemicals and food.

 AlfaCond plate condenser


  • Deeper vacuum saves steam
  • Compact solution and easy installation
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Easy access

Customer's voice

In principle we’re happy with the result. We don’t have to look into it anymore – it works. Maintenance is happy. Production is happy. Everyone is happy.

Mr Peter Pijpers, manager Technology and Engineering Sappi Maastricht Mill