Pioneer turns alcohol vapour energy into savings of 63 MINR per annum with Alfa Laval evaporation systems

Pioneer Industries Limited, a leading Indian supplier of potable alcohol and starch derivatives, has purchased yet another two evaporation systems from Alfa Laval for concentrating spent wash from grain-based distillery using alcohol vapour from the distillation columns as the only heating medium/fuel.

DATE 2023-11-28

The first of the two newer systems is a 2-effect system consisting of falling film shell-and-tube evaporators with a water-evaporation capacity of 12.8 tonnes per hour. The second is a 4-effect falling-film system with a capacity of 8.6 tonnes per hour. Both evaporation systems are fully integrated with the distillery.

In the two evaporator systems, alcohol vapours from Pioneer Industries’ distillation columns replace steam as the heating media with approximately 50% evaporation achieved. Attaining the same results using steam as the heating medium would require 6.5 and 2.3 tonnes of steam per hour respectively at an annual cost of approximately 63 MINR (EUR 800,000).

Customer's voice

Pioneer management is very happy with the commitment level, technical competency and dedication of the Alfa Laval team.

Mr S. S. Tomar
CEO of Pioneer Industries


  • Savings of 63 MINR 63 (EUR 800,000) in steam/energy costs
  • Savings on cooling-water circulation costs
  • Low cleaning frequency
  • Savings on cleaning solution, cleaning solution treatment and water
  • Less downtime