Summaries from the Annual General Meeting

Tom Erixon, President and CEO of Alfa Laval, summarized the past year, provided a status report of Q1 2020 and gave a brief outlook. The presentation, where Tom Erixon emphasizes the company's core activities, commitment to service and highlighting a number of new product innovations, was made during Alfa Laval's Annual General Meeting, on April 23rd in Lund, Sweden. As the meeting was conducted by mostly digital means, the presentation was filmed - so was the presentation made by Dennis Jönsson, new Chairman of the Board. 

Core activities - 2019 and beyond

Watch with Swedish subtitles here.

Dennis Jönsson - Presentation

Watch with Swedish subtitles here.

Outlook for the second quarter 2020

"We expect demand in the second quarter to be lower than in the first quarter.”  

Tom Erixon, President and CEO
Included in the first quarter report 2020 published on April 23, 2020.


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Period of silence Q2

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