Water works sludge treatment

All water treatment plants produce residual sludge. The majority of large water treatment plants install special processing equipment to minimize the costs – and the environmental impacts – associated with transporting and disposing of this sludge. Alfa Laval supply a wide range of systems for waterworks sludge treatment.

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Alfa Laval sludge processing technologies

Thickeners, normally used for thickening prior to dewatering, reduce sludge volume by as much as 90%, enabling you to cut down on overall operating costs. The Alfa Laval portfolio includes ALDRUM drum thickeners, AS-H belt thickeners and Aldec G3 decanter centrifuges for sludge thickening.

By separating off the relatively heavy liquid content of the sludge using Alfa Laval dewatering equipment, you can reduce costs for drying, transport and disposal, and limit environmental impacts.

The wide Alfa Laval spectrum includes all commonly used dewatering technologies:  ALDEC G3 decanter centrifuges, AS-H belt presses, AS-H plate presses and screw presses.

We also supply automated control systems that enable you to run your thickening and dewatering installations at maximum efficiency, right around the clock and with a minimum of supervision.

Advantages and benefits

The advantages and benefits of Alfa Laval industrial wastewater treatment technologies include:

  • Maximum sludge dryness, which minimizes disposal costs
  • Minimal odours, to the benefit of those living and working nearby
  • Compact designs that mean less costly space is required
  • PLC-controlled automated operation, which boosts efficiency and reduces manpower requirements
  • Low energy costs and reduced environmental impacts, which help improve the overall environmental profile.

Solutions for the Circular Economy

More and more wastewater treatment plants are discovering the benefits of a circular, holistic approach to wastewater treatment. Cost savings, reduced environmental impact and new income streams from recovered resources are but a few. Every wastewater treatment plant is unique and has its own set of challenges and opportunities. With our expertise in processing and our broad range of products, we can support your shift to a circular resource flow. Regardless of whether you are a contractor, designer or plant operator we can help you find the optimum solution for your specific project.

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