Waste heat recovery

Alfa Laval has the right waste heat recovery solution for any steam need or engine room. With our wide portfolio of waste heat recovery economizers, a holistic approach and 40+ years of experience, we help you identify the optimal, most energy-efficient and future-proof solution for your vessel. You can expect a positive effect on your bottom line, both in the short and the long term – and as the emissions from fired boilers are reduced, you also reduce your environmental footprint.

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Take the cost-saving route to reduced CO2 emissions

  • Using innovative technologies for maximum vessel energy efficiency and boiler thermal efficiency
  • Produce steam by recovering waste heat from main and/or auxiliary engines
  • Save fuel and reduce maintenance of the fired boiler
  • Reduce your environmental footprint and enhance your CII rating
  • Get lower exposure to upcoming CO2-related taxation and emission trading system costs

Waste heat recovery solutions for the future 

  • Find the best solution for you – water tube and smoke tube solutions available 
  • Full fuel flexibility – ready to handle the futures of today and the future

We have been a renowned player in the marine industry for over 100 years. We took our product portfolio to the next level in 2004, when we developed our range of Pure Thinking environment-friendly marine products. Our waste heat recovery solutions are built upon the same philosophy and dedication. They are all flexible, future-proof and prepared for fuels that help you reduce your environmental footprint – like, for example, our marine boiler solutions for use with methanol or with LNG. A holistic approach and wide range of technologies for onboard energy efficiency ensure that you always get the best solution for your operations. And thanks to our Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre – which is where we fine-tune solutions and test new ideas, equipment and applications – we can make sure innovation always stays at the heart of everything we do.