Tank Management

Scanjet, an Alfa Laval brand, is a world-leading supplier of Intelligent Tank Management systems and solutions for marine, offshore, and industrial applications. Scanjet has an extensive portfolio of tank management products and solutions, which comprises fixed and portable tank cleaning, pressure and vacuum valves, gas-freeing equipment, automatic tank monitoring and alarm systems, blind flange valves, remote valve and pump control, and vapor emission control (VECS).


Scanjet tank management solutions with equipment fit for purpose

  • Cutting-edge and efficient tank cleaning technology
  • Full range of tank management equipment for retrofitting
  • More than 50 years’ experience
  • Efficient network of sales and service representatives around the world

Scanjet offers a fully integrated approach, ranging from the design and production process to maintenance and global after-sales service, providing a complete end-to-end service for customers. With facilities and service hubs in all major shipbuilding regions worldwide, Scanjet can support and deliver products and services to customers efficiently – regardless of the customer’s location. 


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Tank cleaning

Scanjet designs and produces a full range of: Fixed Tank Cleaning equipment, TCM, Portable Tank cleaning equipment and gas freeing fans. All suitable for any marine or offshore application. Scanjet offers the widest range of fixed and portable tank cleaning equipment, with fixed machines of programmable single nozzle type or non-programmable twin nozzle type available. All machines are available in different sizes and materials with a full range of accessories, such as hoses, couplings, and hose saddles.

tank cleaning scanjet

Tank venting

Scanjet provides marine tank venting – Pressure Vacuum - PV valves - equipment for all types of vessels, including FPSO, chemical carriers, oil tankers, product tankers, supply vessels and offshore.  The Scanjet marine tank vents are the most efficient in terms of capacity, vent line diameter and conservation of cargo and inert gas. The Scanvent high velocity PV valve is the result of dedicated research into creating the ideal compromise between loss of tank vapour and non-oscillating behaviour, producing a marine tank venting system in a simple package for ease of use. Before delivery Scanjet’s PV valves undergoes thorough corrosion, flash-back, endurance burning, flow and non-oscillating verification tests.

tank venting scanjet

Tank management

Further Scanjet offers multi-purpose tank measurement and tank monitoring systems for managing tank level measurement and delivering information to the ship’s automatic systems. The full range of level gauging equipment for all types of vessels and tanks use a selection of different technologies. For cargo tanks, Scanjet offers either 80ghz microwave radar or pressure sensors. Alternatively, a combination of both, that enables very accurate density calculations. For service or ballast tanks, Scanjet offers systems with either electro pneumatic or pressure sensors. Scanjet Tank & Line Pressure Monitoring offers compact units with excellent integration possibilities.

tank management Scanjet

Scanjet service

Scanjet offers support and /or replacement machines where and when needed, please reach out to Scanjet after sales and service at;

service spares Scanjet

Discontinued Gunclean Toftejorg products

Alfa Laval has discontinued sales of new Gunclean Toftejorg tank cleaning equipment for marine use. We remain committed to our customers and will continue to provide service support for previously installed equipment, including relevant spare parts.

Contact us 24/7 regarding service for discontinued Gunclean Toftejorg equipment