Spare parts for PureBallast

Spare parts for your ballast water management system (BWMS) are critical to your vessel’s compliance and freedom to sail. For Alfa Laval PureBallast systems, they should always be genuine spare parts from Alfa Laval – so that you can be certain of meeting IMO and USCG regulations. Nothing else is worth the risk.

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Marine Service Why choose Alfa Laval

Why choose spare parts from Alfa Laval?

For a BWMS to be compliant, all of its vital parts must match its type approval certificate and work together to provide the defined performance. If you are unable to use your PureBallast system, or if its performance is reduced due to substandard parts, the result could be non-compliance and costly fines. Genuine spare parts from Alfa Laval are your assurance of a precision fit, correct materials, long lifetime and optimized performance. All of which protect your freedom to sail.

Spare parts and kits for your PureBallast system

Don’t trust your compliance to anyone but the original BWMS manufacturer. Turn to Alfa Laval for all your spare part needs, and please make sure to store the PureBallast Emergency Spare Part Kit on board at all times.

The PureBallast Emergency Spare Part Kit includes the following (one of each):

  • UV lamp set (1 UV lamp and 2 O-rings)
  • Quartz sleeve set (1 quartz sleeve and 2 O-rings)
  • Temperature transmitter
  • Temperature switch
  • Lamp power supply (LPS)
  • UV sensor
  • Filter maintenance kit
  • CIP fluid

Please note that correct spare parts are just one part of staying compliant. Ballast water management regulations require calibrations, inspections and more, which are all covered by our PureBallast Compliance Service Package.

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