Spare parts for marine equipment

At sea, reliability is everything. When you turn to Alfa Laval for genuine spare parts, you can be certain of getting the performance you count on. Plus, you can rely on efficient delivery from our many distribution centres – to anywhere in the world.

Quality parts to secure your performance

The parts you receive from us are carefully designed and manufactured to keep Alfa Laval equipment running smoothly. That keeps your OPEX low, and it can even extend your equipment’s lifetime. When you order spare parts from us, you get a perfect match: the high-quality materials and exact specifications needed for compatibility, performance and even compliance.

Convenient Aalborg boiler service kits

Explore spare parts for marine equipment

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Why buy genuine spare parts from Alfa Laval?

  • Uncompromising quality
    Alfa Laval genuine spare parts are the result of meticulous craftsmanship and rigorous quality control testing. You can be certain of their precision, durability and reliability.
  • Guaranteed performance
    We stand behind our genuine spare parts with a solid 12-month guarantee. This assurance reflects our confidence in our products, and it gives you true peace of mind.
  • Fast delivery
    Our extensive inventory and global network of distribution centres ensure that spare parts are ready to ship from stock when you need them.
  • Reliable instructions
    Don’t trust safety and performance to anyone but the original equipment manufacturer. Our manuals and maintenance guides provide clear, correct instructions for working with spare parts.
  • Expert support
    We’re always here for you. Contact our 24/7 Service & Support anytime and anywhere, whether you need help identifying the correct spare part or immediate technical assistance.

Confidence in genuine parts

Senior Marine Engineer Stuart Bott has served on naval vessels, commercial tankers and cruise ships. Here he explains why he turns to Alfa Laval for genuine spare parts.

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Compliance support for Inventory of Hazardous Material

IMO’s resolution concerning Inventory of Hazardous Material (IHM) aims to prevent pollution and health risks, especially in conjunction with a vessel’s end of life. It requires an up-to-date inventory of all materials in a vessel’s structure and equipment, throughout its operational life. Alfa Laval controls and avoids the use of hazardous materials, and we can provide an exhaustive list of the materials shipped to your vessel.


Alfa Laval Marine Service

We provide not just immediate support but also a full range of services – digital as well as physical. Turn to us to optimize performance, safeguard compliance, improve sustainability, boost efficiency and secure your peace of mind. You’ll find solutions for every stage of your equipment’s life cycle in our Alfa Laval Marine Service offering.

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