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Industrial Fluids Management

Industrial Fluids Management: From Operations to Environment

Alfa Laval high speed centrifugal separators are extremely efficient in removing fine solid particles and liquid contaminants from different kinds of service fluids.

  • Extends fluid and tool lifetime
  • Provides low total cost of ownership
  • Reduces wear on system components
  • Removes both contaminating liquids and solids down to two microns in one step
  • Reduces harmful bacterial growth in water-based fluids improving work environment
  • Lowers disposal costs for spent fluids and cartridges
Alfie and AlfaPure separator

Metalworking, Water-based fluids

Alfa Laval supplies a broad range of fluid cleaning solutions for the metalworking industry. All metalworking processes from cutting to forming benefit from efficient cleaning of the service fluid. Consistent quality of the fluid is essential for end-product quality.


Wash fluids

Replacing wash fluids is expensive due to ever increasing disposal cost and production downtime. Efficient separation of harmful components from the wash fluid reduces disposal cost, provides for higher quality end-products, better work environment and more sustainable production.


Lube oil

The quality of lube oil determines equipment lifetime and level of productivity. Clean lube oil maintains its quality over time and is essential to a healthy, trouble-free process. We offer many options for cleaning lube oil from water and particles.

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