Coolant cleaning

Less downtime, higher efficiency, lower operating costs and more time on your hands. These are some of the compelling reasons to switch to a dedicated liquid cleaning module. By choosing high speed separation instead of using filters/skimmers or similar, your operation will run more smoothly, with a lower cost and a minimum impact on the environment.

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Using centrifugal separation to treat contaminated industrial fluids can

  • Prolong tool and fluid lifetime​
  • Increases uptime and productivity
  • Cleaner components, improved end-product quality ​
  • Healthier work environment ​
  • Reduced waste and replacement/disposal costs ​

The centrifugal separator is a proven, sustainable technology to treat contaminated industrial fluids by removing tramp oil, fine metal cuttings, dirt, and sludge. The three-phase separation efficiently handles all fine particles down to one micron and removes virtually all the contaminating oil but none of the additives, in a one continuous operation. This contributes to a healthier working environment by reducing bacterial growth which is also harmful to the fluid. Other results are reduced tool wear, fewer rejects, and an overall improvement in quality. Explore Alfa Laval’s range of separators for the cleaning of industrial fluids and learn more on how you can maximize productivity, efficiency and limit environmental impact.

Save resources by efficient cleaning of your industrial fluids

With a cleaning module from Alfa Laval you will extend the service life of coolants This means that the consumption of concentrate/detergents is lower and disposal costs are reduced. 

Whether you are running a manufacturing operation or building custom made coolant filtration or degreasing systems, you or your customers will make substantial savings by choosing centrifugal separation instead of traditional methods like filters. For smaller or local tanks, Alfa Laval offers a portable cleaning unit. If you run a centralized system we suggest a permanent solution. Either way we work closely together with you to make sure we offer the very best solution for your system.

Many problems can be avoided by using dedicated coolant cleaning products from Alfa Laval. Replacing dirty coolants with traditional methods is messy and time consuming. With a centrifugal separator, the cleaning process is less complicated. It also offers a solution to stricter environmental legislation as well as follow-on costs in terms of wear on expensive tools and equipment.

When investing in high speed separation, you automatically invest in a profitable solution, prolonging your coolants’ service life by up to 10 years. At the same time, you get lower purchasing and disposal costs, fewer rejects, less manual work for tank cleaning and more production uptime.

Depending on your needs for the cleaning of coolants, Alfa Laval offers a fixed or a mobile solution for individual tanks with the Alfie 200 or the Alfie 500. For larger or centralized systems the AlfaPure is the way to go. It is a complete separation movable module with larger capacity. 

Whatever your choice, the installation is simple and no modification to your existing system is necessary. And since the centrifugal separator is installed in a bypass flow, cleaning can proceed both during production and when your equipment is idle.


Quick, continuous cleaning



Efficient centrifugal separators for cleaning industrial service fluids




  • Removes water, abrasive metal fines and other particles as small as 2 μm

  • Plug-and-play module for easy installation

  • No plant redesign required

  • Disc stack technology speeds up the separation process

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  • Can be linked to a bypass flow, ensuring less downtime for service

  • Disc stack separators provide simultaneous, three-phase separation of oil and sludge

  • Designed for operator convenience

  • No machinery redesign required

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