Data center cooling

Environmentally sustainable cooling - green IT made simpler

Millions of servers in data centers worldwide generate huge amounts of heat while handling and processing data. Alfa Laval´s plate heat exchangers minimize the need for traditional mechanical cooling by enabling utilization of free cooling sources and recovery of waste heat.

Data center cooling equipment from Alfa Laval gives you

  • Lowest energy use possible - engineered into every solution
  • Wide range of solutions to take advantage of free cooling
  • Worry-free performance and service 24/7

Data center cooling equipement
from Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval’s gasketed plate heat exchangers are key to environmentally sustainable data center cooling with zero-disruption and balanced energy costs. Off-loading other components, these heat exchangers minimize energy consumption and secure a reliable system performance over time.

Alfa Laval’s gasketed plate heat exchangers are industry standard for general cooling duties. Engineered for optimal and complete counter-current flow, they provide an efficient solution for heat transfer while saving space in the data center. The plate-and-frame design provides the small footprint, a flexibility to adapt heat transfer to changed duties, and it is very easy to open/close at maintenance.


  • AHRI certified range – Alfa Laval AlfaQ
  • Water flow 14 – 3800 m3/h (62 – 16700 gpm)

Demand new standards

Discover how our next-generation line of gasketed plate heat exchangers will bring you higher efficiency, better reliability and greater serviceability.


Free cooling minimizes running costs

Free cooling is a vital source for minimizing energy consumption. The energy saving potential is approximately 5 times bigger than mechanical cooling. In each free cooling installation, the gasketed plate heat exchanger is crucial for the total performance of the system. Our AHRI certified gasketed plate heat exchangers guarantee system performance in both water- or air based free cooling systems.

  • Free cooling with air (adiabatic)
  • Free cooling with air (dry cooler)
  • Free cooling with water

Water filters completing the system

Alfa Laval ALF filters are automatic self-cleaning filters that maintain the top performance of your free cooling system. Secondary cooling utilizing water from sea, lakes or rivers always involve risks of clogging by mussels, seaweed and other marine particles. The ALF filters will prevent these particles from entering the heat exchanger.

With ALF filters you can benefit from low cost free cooling regardless of the season or the purity of accessible water resources

  • Water flow 45 – 8800 m3/h (197 – 38700 gpm)
  • Particle filtration 0.1– 2.5 mm



Keeping performance on top over time

All gasketed plate heat exchangers will require maintenance over time. Our aim is to develop equipment that will prolong the service intervals and minimize the cost for service.

Performance audits

Alfa Laval experts review and analyze the performance of your equipment. Modern tools are used to detect fouling or other risks so that all maintenance can be predicted and planned to optimize system uptime.

Cleaning in place

When fouling occurs, an Alfa Laval CIP (cleaning-in-place) system enables quick and easy in-line cleaning of heat exchangers without dismantling the equipment. Alfa Laval always use environmentally friendly and easily biodegradable cleaning agents. The CIP eliminates the repeated and unnecessary opening of your equipment. This drastically reduce both spare parts consumption and the man-hours used for maintenance.

Back flush equipment

Alfa Laval recommends a back-flushing sequence on the incoming flow of cooling water at frequent short periods of time. In this sequence the reversed water direction scrapes off and flushes out accumulated debris from the plate heat exchanger surface. Using back flush equipment saves time and money and minimizes downtime.

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