Fuel conditioning

Fuel conditioning is the treatment of fuel oil by a booster system to meet the cleanliness, pressure, temperature, viscosity and flow rate specified by engine manufacturers. These parameters are vital for the engine’s combustion performance, which makes securing them an important part of both energy efficiency and emissions reduction.

Engine Fuel Conditionning Alfa Laval

One solution for all booster needs

The Alfa Laval FCM One booster system deals with the complex safety and performance issues associated with today’s more varied fuels. It combines the strengths of the original Alfa Laval Fuel Conditioning Module with a completely new level of flexibility.

What sets the FCM One apart is its integration of all functions into the same module, driven by the same controller. The system offers not only high component efficiency, but also options to further reduce energy consumption. This makes it a key step towards a more adaptive and efficient fuel line.