Global social responsibility

Alfa Laval respects the human rights of our employees and the communities in which we live and supply. This means, for instance, that Alfa Laval will not use any form of forced or compulsory labour, that we work towards the effective abolition of child labour in the community and that we work to eliminate direct and indirect discrimination in respect to employment and occupation.

Alfa Laval’s business is truly global. This means that we are increasing our sales in many countries with low GDP per capita. Our products are essential ingredients in the development of infrastructure and industries.

Our global presence also means that we have a global supply chain. As our markets grow in developing economies so do our supply chains. We have developed management processes to help deal with the social and ethical dilemmas this presents.

Alfa Laval’s Sustainability work is based on our Business Principles.

The Business Principles of Alfa Laval

Statement concerning Modern Slavery Act transparency

Modern Slavery Act transparency statement


Catarina Paulson

Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

We welcome comments, questions or suggestions about our Business Principles.

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