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Alfa Laval Group's Black and Grey list

An important part of managing the Alfa Laval Group's environmental impact is the control of hazardous substances in purchased articles (products, spare parts, components, materials, preparations), production processes and packaging materials.  

Alfa Laval´s Black and Grey list compiles substances that are:

  • Banned - Completely prohibited
  • Restricted - Prohibited in certain applications
  • Substances of Concern - Monitored substances

The list is valid to our suppliers, producers, importers and traders. The list is updated annually to reflect any legislative changes.

If an article contains substances of the Black and Grey list, you must immediately inform your purchaser contact at Alfa Laval. 

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The Search tool is a help to search the Black and Grey list for CAS and/or EC numbers. However, not all substances in the list have CAS or EC numbers and are thus not searchable with the tool.

The Black and Grey List is, on request, available as an excel version. The excel version is an uncontrolled document containing only the chemical lists of the Black and Grey List (frontpages and footnotes are not included).