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Tri-Clover® UltraPure Tubes and Fittings 

Designed to meet the specific demands of the biotech, pharmaceutical and personal care industries, Tri-Clover® UltraPure tubes and fittings provide safe, easy installation and high, consistent quality.

Tri-Clover UltraPure quality

Alfa Laval Tri-Clover UltraPure tubes and fittings are developed to facilitate safe and easy installation that ensures optimum integrity of the piping installations. This complete range of tubes and fittings offer high and consistent quality, optimal weldability, thorough documentation and a broad selection of dimensions and executions which meet the strict standards of the biotech, pharmaceutical and personal care industries.

Interested in our wide portfolio of hygienic tubes and fittings for general food applications?

Safe and easy installation

Tri-Clover UltraPure tubes and fittings originate from the same raw tube supplier to ensure that the materials in the weld ends match perfectly. All Tri-Clover UltraPure tubes and fittings use high-grade, fully annealed stainless steel from trusted suppliers. Both chemical composition and passivity state are guaranteed to ensure maximum compatibility and integrity throughout the range. This simplifies welding and assures continuous high quality welds without cracks, voids, porosity, or joint misalignment that can promote contamination of the end product.


Tubes and fittings: details make the difference


Did you know that 90% of product contact surfaces in a typical pharmaceutical system come from tubes and fittings? Let’s look into the details that make tubes and fittings different.

 Tri-Clover® UltraPure tubes and fittings


High and consistent quality

All Tri-Clover UltraPure tubes and fittings are subject to rigorous quality control. Alfa Laval performs all incoming and outgoing quality control and inspections and closely monitors every aspect of the manufacturing process – ­ from raw material sourcing to tolerance and surface finish inspection to packaging and labelling. Ovality and squareness tolerances and all surface finishes, for instance, are inspected with calibrated equipment. This helps ensure the highest quality possible.

Completely documented

All equipment and components in the Alfa Laval BioPharm portfolio are supplied with Alfa Laval Q-doc, a comprehensive documentation package that provides full transparency of the entire supply chain, from raw material to final equipment delivery. This smoothes purchasing and installation procedures as well as facilitates qualification, validation and change control procedures. Based on GDP (Good Documentation Practice), Alfa Laval Q-doc covers every aspect of BioPharm equipment supply and provides customers with  transparent and well-documented quality assurance of the sourced equipment.

The Q-doc package for Tri-Clover UltraPure tubes and fittings comprises quality and manufacturing procedures, material certificates and full traceability. This attention to detail maximizes uptime and minimizes risk.

For more information about standards and certificates, please visit our BioPharm Portal.

Readily available

All Tri-Clover UltraPure tubes and fittings are individually capped and packed together with the mill test report in sterile, transparent bags labelled with bar code, product information and manufacturing date. In addition, all products have heat numbers, job numbers, the Alfa Laval brandmark and the Tri-Clover logo permanently etched onto the external surface.

Alfa Laval offers competitive pricing and fast, efficient delivery without compromising product quality. To meet customer requirements, Alfa Laval factories and distribution centres can supply:

1. Single fittings (one to nine pieces) from the entire product range.

2. Boxes of 10 for most standard products.

3. Full pallet for the most popular products.

4. Entire container of products directly from the factory.

Comprehensive range

A broad selection of tubes and fittings, including bends, unions, clamp fittings and flanges, reducers, tees, reducing tees, instrument tees and use-point fittings are available in a wide range of surface finishes and dimension standards.

Part of the Tri-Clover UltraPure installation package

Alfa Laval offers a full range of fluid handling equipment for the biotech and pharmaceutical, and personal care industries. 

 Tri-Clover® LKC UltraPure

 Tri-Clover® LKB UtraPure

 Ball valve UltraPure


For more information, see Documentation and How it Works.


Food, dairy and beverage

Biotech and pharmaceutical


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Alfa Laval certificates

 Download centificates for 
    tubes and fittings 


Q-doc comprehensive documentation package for Alfa Laval BioPharm products.


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Tubes and fittings: details make the difference

Did you know that 90% of product contact surfaces in a typical pharmaceutical system come from tubes and fittings? Let’s look into the details that make tubes and fittings different.

 Tri-Clover® UltraPure tubes and fittings