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ThinkTop Basic valve sensing and control unit 

ThinkTop Basic offers simplicity of operation, standard functionality and reliable, cost-effective operation for general applications in the dairy, food and beverage, and biopharm industries.

The standard valve control

ThinkTop Basic combines Alfa Laval quality with standard functionality for automated sensing and control of sanitary valves. Like the premium ThinkTop unit, ThinkTop Basic offers a durable watertight design, a proven and inherently safe design and low total cost of ownership. Simplicity of operation, however, is the main focus for ThinkTop Basic so this valve sensing and control head is optimized with fewer options and fewer digital connections. ThinkTop Basic is available in Digital, AS-Interface and ATEX versions. 

Tough and effective valve automation

The reliable and automated design of the ThinkTop Basic contributes to process safety:

  • No-touch, set-and-forget sensor system with up to three solenoid valves. Detects both the condition and position of the valve stem with an accuracy of ± 0.1 mm. Set-up parameters are stored but, for greater flexibility and ease of operation, can easily be re-programmed. Because the microchip sensors are moulded directly into the control head, they are less sensitive to the effects of temperature, vibration and pressure shock.
  • Pre-set tolerance band. No manual adjustment of the feedback sensors is required. Valve tolerance bands with a preconfigured default setting of ±5mm for the set-up parameters ensure operational reliability on any Alfa Laval sanitary air-operated valve.
  • Two PNP/NPN feedback signals controlled by a jumper on the sensor board offer basic indication functionality for energized and de-energized main valve positions.

Sturdy and durable

Engineered for operation in virtually any environment, ThinkTop Basic features a robust, durable and reliable valve sensing and control assembly. Its hygienic design withstands the effects of physical impact, pollution, frost, UV radiation and temperatures up to 85°C while supporting continuous production.

Completely watertight and IP66/IP67-compliant, ThinkTop Basic features the superior GORE™ protective venting technology, which prevents water condensation and the penetration of dust, water and other particles into the control head. The control head can therefore be hosed down with water or cleaning fluid without putting important settings at risk. This contributes to maximum hygiene and effectively eliminates problems associated with corrosion and external contamination.

ATEX-certified valve control

For use in potentially explosive environments, there’s ThinkTop Basic Intrinsically Safe (IS) equipped with ATEX-compliant solenoid valves and feedback sensors. Durable, accurate and easy to install, ThinkTop Basic IS complies with the ATEX equipment Directive 94/9/EC, Group II, Categories 2 Gas and dust.

Retrofitting boosts performance

Upgrading older valve automation systems with advanced valve sensing and control technology can significantly lower investment, boost plant performance and cut operating costs. In many cases, the air-operated valve remains the same; only the replacement of the control head interfaces is required. Should upgrading require control head replacement, ThinkTop Basic offers fast return on investment and long-term savings on operating and maintenance costs.

Caption: Upgrading increases reliability while lowering operating costs.

Valve control and automation range

Alfa Laval offers a comprehensive range of automated valve sensing and control units as well as standard valve indication units for use in the dairy, food and beverage, and biopharm industries.

 ThinkTop (Premium top-mounted automated control head for pneumatic valves)

 ThinkTop Basic (Standard top-mounted automated control head for pneumatic valves)

 ThinkTop D30 (Easy top-mounted automated control head for non-critical pneumatic valves)

 IndiTop (Top-mounted indicator without solenoid valve for pneumatic valves)

 Indication units (Top or side-mounted bracket systems for any Alfa Laval sanitary valves)