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Gasketed plate heat exchanger, T35 

The T35 series represents the next generation of gasketed plate heat exchangers (PHEs), with innovations on many levels.

Alfa Laval T35/TS35 is a very versatile heat exchanger. A wide selection of available plate and gasket materials makes it suitable for use in many different positions – from basic water to water duties to tough applications with high temperatures, aggressive media and high pressures.

The new, Alfa Laval CurveFlow™ distribution area give Alfa Laval T35/TS35 a highly uniform flow distribution, which eliminates stagnant zones and reduces fouling. CurveFlow plates have an exceptionally low pressure drop over the distribution area. This makes it possible to operate with a higher pressure drop over the main heat transfer area, which increases turbulence and prevents fouling.

Servicing a T35/TS35 is simple and effortless thanks to:

  • Alfa Laval’s new, patented Alfa Laval ClipGrip™ gaskets. These offer totally glue-free attachment and stay firmly in place during opening and closing.
  • Swing Foot and Bearing Box. Our unique solutions that make opening and closing a T35/TS35 easy.
  • The Five Point Alignment System, making sure all plates hang straight and minimizing plate pack misalignment.
  • High mechanical strength of the plates, minimizing damage.

The T35/TS35 comes in two frames sizes which offer an alternative to suit particular installation and weight constraints. 


  • Central cooling
  •  Lubricating oil cooling
  • Scrubber gas water cooling
  • Nuclear power
  • Conventional power
  • Renewable/clean power
  • Steel