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STNX decanter centrifuge 

The STNX range of high-performance decanter centrifuges provides the starch industry with the most cost-effective separation solution available, with the lowest power consumption and life cycle costs as well as the most advanced technology.

Alfa Laval STNX decanter centrifuges are used for a wide range of starch processing operations. These include dewatering heat-coagulated potato protein and maize gluten, 2-phase and 3-phase wheat starch and protein splitting, and fruit juice separation and fibre dewatering in the potato and tapioca starch industries.

These high-performance units are designed with a focus on performance, easy access, reliability and low noise levels. Important features of the STNX design include:

Conveyor design

The design of the conveyor provides better control of how the machine performs. It also has replaceable wear lines in the feed zone, and a full-flow open feed zone that helps prevent blockages. Better flow distribution also boosts performance.

Back drive design

The back drive features a direct drive gearbox, a unique Alfa Laval system for automatically controlling the differential speed between the bowl and the conveyor. This makes it easy to maintain the best possible balance between liquid clarity and solids dryness, irrespective of variations in the feed. It also results in big savings in energy.
And because the pinion shaft only turns in one direction, the unit is also much easier to control than with traditional methods.

Decanter Core Controller (DCC)

The STNX is controlled by a special control system designed to make sure the operation of the direct drive always corresponds to the solids load in the bowl, thus saving energy and improving separation performance. The DCC also monitors a series of operating parameters to ensure easy, safe and reliable operation at all times.
External bus options for control equipment from several major manufacturers make it easy to integrate this system into other plant control systems.