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LKB butterfly valves 

Butterfly valves are relatively straightforward on/off routing valves with a substantial opening area and low flow resistance. Where hygiene standards are important, these are ideal for use with low and medium-viscosity liquids.

Full range, full spectrum

The Alfa Laval LKB butterfly valve range consists of modular units designed to meet the full spectrum of requirements at working pressures from full vacuum to 10 bar. All valves are FDA-compliant, designed for use in a wide range of stainless steel pipe systems, and can be built to comply with virtually any installation standard.

Reliable performance

LKB butterfly valves come with several features that ensure reliability performance. A highly polished stainless steel disc with surface smoothness down to Ra<0.8 µm and bearing bushes clipped onto the disc stems prevent metal-to-metal abrasion and ensure smoother disc movement.

The stem diameter provides particularly low flow resistance, ensuring gentle product treatment for low and medium-viscosity products. In addition, Alfa Laval seal technology provides greater thermal stability, better chemical resistance and improved tensile strength.

Manual or automated control

Alfa Laval LKB butterfly valves can be complemented with lockable handle for manual operation of with an actuator and in combination with either a valve indication unit or Alfa Laval ThinkTop valve sensing and control units.

For manual operation: Alfa Laval provides a complete range of handles, including a multi-position lockable handle.

For automated operation: A selection of different actuators is available; special double-spring design enables application of maximum torque to the valve disc at breakaway and seal positions. This makes it easy to integrate these valve units into larger systems operated from a central point, and/or to operate them automatically for maximum efficiency.

LKB butterfly valve range

The Alfa Laval LKB butterfly valve range consists of the following modular units that can easily be mounted in complex cluster set-ups alongside valves of other types.

  • LKB and LKB-2 with standard spring-loaded locking handle for straightforward manual operation with a pulling/turning movement. LKB is used for ISO connection and the LKB-2 is used for DIN connection.
  • LKB-F for flange connections to easily remove the valve body without dismantling piping setups. For both ISO and DIN.

For more information, please refer to Documentation or the Selection Guide.

Part of a broad valve range

Alfa Laval offers a comprehensive range of valves intended for various applications in the dairy, food and beverage, and personal care industries.

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 Unique Control for LKB Butterfly Valves 

We also have comprehensive range of valves and valve sensing and control units intended for hygienic applications in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.