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Hygienic Tubes and Fittings 

Alfa Laval Hygienic Tubes and Fittings meet the exacting demands for safety, reliability, efficiency and hygiene for standard duty in the food, dairy, beverage and personal care industries. Special BioPharm tubes and fittings are available.

Easy to source, install and clean

To connect equipment and processes where clean conditions are essential, Alfa Laval supplies a comprehensive range of tubes and fittings, which provide maximum hygiene. All products meet key criteria for tight tolerances, a variety of finishes and uniform wall thicknesses. To provide customers with greater flexibility and fast, efficient delivery, Alfa Laval provides a tiered supply chain to ensure tubes and fittings meet customer demands for high quality at competitive prices.

Interested in our wide portfolio of Tri-Clover UltraPure tubes and fittings?

Quality assurance

All Alfa Laval Hygienic Tubes and Fittings undergo strict quality control procedures at every stage of manufacturing at Alfa Laval facilities. All products meet ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, which define the requirements for quality management systems and environmental management systems, respectively.

Throughout sourcing, manufacturing and distribution, Alfa Laval adheres to stringent quality-control procedures. Alfa Laval labels all product packaging with bar code, product information and manufacturing date. As a seal of quality, the Alfa Laval brand mark is permanently etched onto the external surface.

Comprehensive range

Alfa Laval offers a comprehensive range of hygienic tubes and fittings with smooth, crevice-free design, superior corrosion-resistance and secure, self-aligning joints to ensure trouble-free flow. This includes unions, clamp fittings, flanges, bends, tees, reducers and tubes.

To ensure that exactly the right match for the process, Alfa Laval offers a wide variety of high quality uniform weld end fittings for all tube combinations. To match tolerances, Alfa Laval provides exact angles and uniform tube, bend and tee connections.

Matte, raw, bright and polished internal surface finishes are available with roughness averages (Ra) ranging from <0.8–1.6 μm.

All Alfa Laval Hygienic Tubes comply with DIN 11850, ISO 2037, BS 4825 and ASME dimension standards.

Read more about the Alfa Laval Tri-Clover UltraPure Tubes and Fittings.

New supply chain concept

On-time delivery and supply chain visibility is vital to business success. As a true global supplier, Alfa Laval provides fast, efficient worldwide delivery of high quality products at competitive prices.

To meet customer requirements, Alfa Laval is the first supplier to offer a four-tier supply chain for fittings. Upon order receipt, Alfa Laval factories and distribution centres can supply:

  1. Single fittings (one to nine pieces) from the entire product range.
  2. Boxes of 10 for all standard products.
  3. Full pallets for the most popular products.
  4. Entire container or bulk delivery of products directly from the factory.

Sales channels using the Alfa Laval eBusiness portal can easily order fittings on-line, which streamlines order processing and saves both time and money.

All customers can benefit from direct shipping to site or customer plants and with the new supply concept the larger the volume, the better the discount.

Part of a broad range

Alfa Laval offers a comprehensive range of valves intended for various applications in the dairy, food and beverage, and personal care industries.

Ball valves

Butterfly valves

Check valves

Sampling valves

We also have comprehensive range of valves and valve sensing and control units intended for hygienic applications in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.


Food, dairy and beverage

Biotech and pharmaceutical


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