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All-round cleaning agent for machinery, floors, surfaces, piping and other components that have been contaminated with oil, grease or wax.

ALPACON DEGREASER is a highly efficient non-hazardous water-based all-round cleaning agent containing BIOGEN ACTIVE®, a biological mixture made from renewable materials, as an active ingredient.


On ships, e.g. in the engine rooms, and in many land-based industries machinery, floors, piping and other surfaces and components can easily become heavily contaminated with deposits of oil, grease or wax.
The contaminants can easily be removed with ALPACON DEGREASER, which unlike other cleaning agents is not solvent-based and therefore not injurious to health and requires no special protective equipment. ALPACON DEGREASER can also be used to prevent foaming in Cleaning in Place (CIP) processes during the cleaning of fuel and lube oil separators or plate heat exchangers when added to ALPACON MULTICIP or ALPACON DESCALANT.

Features and benefits

  • Oil, grease and wax deposits are removed effectively in a single operation. Can also be used in concentrated form.
  • Not aggressive to steel, aluminium, copper or brass. Contains no solvents and no inorganic acids.
  • Water-based and non-flammable. No transport restrictions.
  • Can be used to prevent foaming in Cleaning in Place processes when added to ALPACON MULTICIP or ALPACON DESCALANT.
  • Environmentally friendly. Contains BIOGEN ACTIVE®, a unique raw material based on fermented whey. Biologically degradable.
  • Not injurious to health.Efficient cleaning results in man-hour savings.
  • Unusually effective also in low temperatures (>0°C).