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Reconditioning and repair

Alfa Laval has a range of service offerings to enhance the performance of your equipment. Depending on the nature of the service. These services are performed either at an specialized Alfa Laval Service centre or by an authorized Alfa Laval service engineer onsite at your facility.

Restore optimal performance at specialized Alfa Laval service centres

Alfa Laval offers comprehensive reconditioning and repair services for plate heat exchangers, separators and decanter centrifuges, which are performed at Alfa Laval Service centres. These services ensure equipment continues to deliver high efficiency and optimal performance.

At Alfa Laval Service centres

Assuring equipment uptime through selected Alfa Laval onsite services

To keep your Alfa Laval equipment running in top operating condition, maintenance is essential. To take advantage of our expertise, you can call on our highly qualified service engineers to help troubleshoot maintenance issues onsite or advise you at your facility.

Onsite services at your facility

We also offer comprehensive, easy-to-use services to ensure your equipment continues to operate safely and efficiently and to avoid unplanned shutdowns. Or with the right tools and training, you can handle some service yourself. 

Customer training

By choosing Alfa Laval you are choosing the perfect long-term partner for your daily operations. Our service network can reach you wherever you are. Click on the map to find your local Alfa Laval representative.