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Marine and Diesel Upgrades

Marine & Diesel upgrades

For customers in the marine and diesel industries, Alfa Laval offers a wide range of upgrades – from individual separators, separator modules and entire separation systems to heat exchangers, fresh water generators, filters and tank cleaning equipment through to upgrading kits for equipment and control systems and audit and consultancy services for your processes and equipment.

Separator upgrades

  • Upgrading kits for Purifiers to Alcap separators - Enables ship owners and operators to purchase, safely treat less costly fuels with varying viscosities before injection into the engine, and realize fuel and maintenance cost-savings.

    Alcap separation system

  • Reconditioned Alfa Laval separators – Provides a safe, efficient and cost-effective solution for equipment replacement that lasts the lifetime in your installation. Fast delivery and up to 50 per cent less expensive than a new separator.

    Reconditioned Alfa Laval separators

  • Upgrading kits for separator controllers – Provides improved separator monitoring and control through advanced monitoring and control technology. 
  • Oil Saving Kits – Enhances operation of MOPX 309/310 separators manufactured before 1992 through key component replacement that results in significant savings by reducing oil replacement costs and oil losses by up to 50%.

       Oil saving kit for Alfa Laval separators


Heat exchanger upgrades

Temperature controller MTC 80 – Improves control of the motor-driven regulating valve that keeps heated oil in plate heat exchangers, heaters, and other steam or thermal oil heaters at a constant temperature.

       Temperature controller MTC 80

  • Viscosity Control System, Viscochief MKII – Automatically monitors and controls fuel oil viscosity to optimize burning efficiency of booster systems equipped with HEATPAC electric heaters, steam/thermal oil heaters or conventional capillary viscometers.

       Viscosity control system

  • Advanced Cooling systems (ACS) – ACS is a reliable and fully automatic system driving fuel changeover, providing cooling capacity for light fuel and able to handle up to 3 different fuels. ACS can be installed on Alfa Laval’s fuel conditioning module or other booster system from any supplier. 

        Advanced Cooling System

By choosing Alfa Laval you are choosing the perfect long-term partner for your daily operations. Our service network can reach you wherever you are. Click on the map to find your local Alfa Laval representative.

  • Oil separators, systems and modules
  • Bilge and sludge handling systems
  • Cooling and heating systems
    - Plate heat exchangers
    - Brazed heat exchangers
    - Electric oil heaters
    - Shell-and-tube heaters
    - Air heat exchangers
  • Fuel conditioning systems (FCM)
    - Advance Cooling Systems (ACS)
  • Filters for oil treatment
  • Fresh water generators
  • Tank cleaning equipment
  • Sub-systems

Consultancy servicesTo optimize your equipment, Alfa Laval conducts system surveys to optimize performance of your oil treatment, engine cooling, freshwater generation, tank cleaning and other systems and recommends actions to improve operations.