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Frequently asked questions

How does AlfaCheck work?

AlfaCheck equipment consists of a portable logger with four temperature gauges and a flow gauge. By affixing the gauges to the outside of your heat exchanger pipes, an authorized Alfa Laval engineer collects data, including temperature differentials and flow rate, on the actual operating condition of your plate heat exchanger.

This usually requires an hour per unit and does not disrupt operations. If you already have this data on hand, simply call us and we can run your data through our program and produce a report for your use.

Back at the office, our engineer runs the data through our proven thermal analysis software program that uses the performance benchmarks for every Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger to derive your heat exchanger’s optimal heat load. The analysis is documented in a report that compares your heat exchanger’s performance to benchmark performance for the same Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger. The status of plate heat exchanger performance is displayed using easy-to-read colour codes: green for proper operations, yellow to schedule cleaning in the near future, and red to signal that immediate action is required.

Do AlfaCheck results differ from season to season, for instance, between summer and winter?

No, even though the changes in temperature affect the cooling flow and temperatures, the results will remain the same as long as there has not been any increase in fouling. We run calculations for both the actual condition and optimal condition and look at the ratio between them. We recommend that you conduct an AlfaCheck analysis every time your operating conditions change.

How does Cosmos work?

The Cosmos monitoring system measures vibration at specified positions to determine the status of the rotating components in a separator or a decanter. The measurements are done either with a portable unit or as a fixed installation continuously measuring the condition of the centrifuge. Vibration is converted to an electrical signal, which is measured and analyzed by proprietary monitoring software.

As an option, Cosmos can also analyze other information, such as temperatures and pressures, to establish the status of all its major rotating components and determine how the machine is performing.

Why does Cosmos measure vibration?

Measuring vibration is the best way to determine the condition of the rotating components in a separator or a decanter. A natural response to internal and external forces of any machine in operation, vibration occurs in a very predictable fashion under normal operating conditions. When a fault occurs, however, new forces alter the normal vibration.

A single measurement generates a complete and accurate analysis of the actual condition of all the rotating parts. Faults are diagnosed by identifying the sources, which caused deterioration beyond acceptable limits. Parameters and colour-coded symbols depict the unit’s current operational status based on the monitored data of centrifuges collected from around the world. This information is invaluable for accurately predicting maintenance needs and scheduling appropriate service.

How does Alnoz II work?

Alfa Laval Service and support, alnozAlnoz II comprises a nozzle sensor and the nozzle monitor. The nozzle sensor is mounted on the separator frame and consists of a holder (housing a cable) with a microphone affixed to the top.

During every revolution of the bowl, the sediment jets of each nozzle hit the sensor. These jets cause shock vibrations in the sensor. The vibrations are converted to electrical signals, which are transferred to and evaluated by the nozzle monitor. A magnet fitted in the bowl body sends a signal at each bowl revolution. This signal is necessary for synchronization of the nozzles in relation to the magnet.

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