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Condition Monitoring

Optimizing service intervals

With Alfa Laval Condition Monitoring, it is easy to provide equipment maintenance at the right service intervals. By scheduling maintenance based on actual operating conditions, you get more uptime, improve safety and save time and money.

Are you performing equipment maintenance too often or not often enough? There’s a smarter, more cost-effective way to perform service: Condition Monitoring. With this type of predictive maintenance from Alfa Laval, you can accurately forecast the right time to perform maintenance and replace worn components before failure actually occurs. This enhances equipment reliability and cuts maintenance costs.

Alfa Laval Performance Audit

Monitoring tools optimize performance

Alfa Laval has the know-how to help you monitor the proper function of your equipment and accurately predict when maintenance is required.

Heat transfer equipment

To achieve optimal performance of Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers employed in liquid-to-liquid applications, there’s Alfa Laval Performance Audit Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers (GPHE) Services. With Performance Audit GPHE, you conduct service only when it’s required based on the actual internal condition of your plate heat exchangers, instead of according to a predetermined schedule. 

Separation equipment

Alfa Laval offers two ways to optimize service intervals for your centrifuges.

  • Cosmos, a condition-based maintenance tool for high-speed separators and decanters, analyzes vibration in order to accurately predict maintenance equirements, prevent unplanned production stops and eliminate unnecessary service costs.
  • Alnoz II monitoring system provides constant supervision for high-speed separator nozzles to detect separator imbalance, prevent unnecessary product losses and reduce wear and tear. This contributes to separation stability, boosts uptime, cuts energyconsumption and reduces wear due to clogged nozzles.

Preventive Maintenance Decanters

Optimizes maintenance by developing a comprehensive preventive maintenance program, which includes scheduled maintenance visits, intermediate and major services and the use of the Alfa Laval Videoscopy.

Advantages of Predictive Maintenance

Monitoring equipment condition is a way of accurately predicting maintenance requirements to optimize service intervals. It helps identify which equipment requires maintenance before equipment performance reaches the point where product quality is adversely affected or an unplanned shutdown occurs. In short, here are the benefits of condition monitoring from Alfa Laval:

  • Higher return on investment due to longer machine life
  • More accurate service planning and staff allocation
  • Better management of spare-parts inventory
  • Energy optimization
  • Reduced total cost of operation
  • Optimize uptime

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Alfa Laval Performance Audit and Cleaning Services deliver efficiency at Minicio Thermoelectric Power Plant in Italy

Performance Audit and Cleaning Services case story from ItalyThe 380 megawatt Mincio Thermo-
electric Power Plant has two Alfa Laval M30 heat exchangers. A Cleaning In Place (CIP) using the CIP 800 and the Alfa Laval Performance Audit predictive maintenance solution enables the plant to work at maximum efficiency, without unscheduled stoppages and radical maintenance work such as opening up the heat exchanger.

Energy savings for cooling copper smelters at Rönnskär smelter in Skelleftehamn
Energy savings for cooling copper smelters

The Boliden-owned Rönnskär smelter at Skelleftehamn on the Baltic Sea is one of the world’s most efficient copper producers. Here hundreds of Alfa Laval and other manufacturer’s plate heat exchangers are at work to cool various copper and zinc smelting processes.