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Cleaning and chemicals

Deposit build-up on process surfaces has adverse effect on productivity. To restore equipment and optimize performance, Alfa Laval has a range of CIP (Cleaning-In-Place) systems and cleaning agents for heat transfer and separation equipment.

Selecting a suitable combination of cleaning agents and cleaning process parameters to effectively clean your equipment without having any negative effect on the materials is critical to continued productivity.

Alfa Laval has detailed knowledge of how different cleaning agents influence the metals and polymers used in process equipment. This know-how, together with detailed process knowledge, serves as the basis of Alfa Laval cleaning solutions.


When fouling occurs, an Alfa Laval CIP (Cleaning-In-Place) system enables quick and easy in-line cleaning of heat exchangers and high-speed separators without dismantling your equipment.

Cleaning-in-Place pays for itself

Cleaning chemicals

To ensure the safe removal of unwanted contaminants from the equipment surfaces, Alfa Laval recommends specially developed non-toxic cleaning agents with low environmental impact. These have been thoroughly tested in our own laboratory to safeguard that gasket and heating surface materials are not affected. 

Cleaning chemicals

Other chemicals

In addition to chemical cleaning agents, Alfa Laval also has a range of other chemicals to enhance separator efficiency and chemicals for potable water handling. These are specifically developed for use with our high-speed separators and water desalination plants.

Other chemicals

For hard-to-remove deposits

If CIP and chemical cleaning prove to be insufficient for extremely hard-to-remove deposits, you can send your equipment to an authorised Alfa Laval service centre where our specialists apply their expertise and know-how to thoroughly clean your equipment at specially equipped cleaning facilities.

By choosing Alfa Laval you are choosing the perfect long-term partner for your daily operations. Our service network can reach you wherever you are. Click on the map to find your local Alfa Laval representative.